Memories is a project model which aims to connect the experiences of young and elderly people within a community. Memories uses investigative radio journalism and creative filmmaking to break down intergenerational barriers.

Memories takes place over two stages. The first is to work with young people to interview and capture the memories and experiences of older people within their community. Next, we work with the group to reenact and recreate stories and events gathered from their interviews as part of a creative filmmaking workshop.

The final film is then screened within the local community, with people of all generations coming together to share their stories.



2017 – Stockbridge Memories
In 2017, Media Education partnered with LifeCare Edinburgh to deliver a Memories project as part of ‘Our Stockbridge’, made possible with funding from the Big Lottery and Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership.

Local schoolchildren from Stockbridge interpreted and reenacted the stories of residents who grew up in the area between 1920 and 1960.


2016 – Thankerton Memories
The Thankerton Memories project was created in collaboration with Thankerton Improvement Group and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project took place in the small village of Thankerton in the Scottish Borders.

To learn more about the Thankerton Memories project, follow this link.