ImMEDIAte News is an advocacy and media literacy process that creates a short, high quality film within the space of half a day. We work with groups of participants on a 1-to-1 basis to create short videos consisting of a direct presentation of a message to camera with accompanying creative visuals.

The process is designed to hand over full ownership of the content of each film to the participant and to help them construct their message in a clear and persuasive way. Participants may wish to celebrate a local service, raise awareness for a cause they feel passionate about, or bring concerns to the attention of local decision makers.

After creating their message, participants work with Media Education to ensure that their video is seen by an audience they have identified, be that councillors, school teachers, family, friends, the general public or other key figures within the community.

Much more than a short filmmaking process, imMEDIAte News is a simple, low-threshold way for a wide range of people to find their voice, discover new ways to use their experiences and capabilities, and to get more involved and connected with their communities.

The imMEDIAte News process can also be applied in a number of wider contexts. Below are some examples of the different ways we have used imMEDIAte News as a model to achieve different outcomes.



ENYA 2016 – Equality in Education
In 2016 we used the imMEDIAte News process to gather the views of children and young people in 6 countries across Europe; in partnership with the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children.

Together with these groups, we created a 31 minute film reflecting views on equal chances in education, which you can view by following this link.


National Lottery Good Causes
Thank You Scotland Campaign

We applied the imMEDIAte News process to the National Lottery and Creative Scotland’s “Thank You” campaign, celebrating the impact of Lottery funding throughout Scotland’s arts sector.

To see more from this campaign, follow this link.