Stories are a powerful way to relate to one another and engage with the world around us. We believe that every one of us is an expert in our own life and circumstances, and that by sharing our expertise and telling our story we can create positive change for ourselves and our communities. Our expertise is in working with others to help them tell their stories.

Personal Development – a journey for the individual

People make films with us from their own lived experience, and in doing so they are visible, they take control, they build communication skills and gain confidence. They share their experiences, celebrate their identity, develop a sense of belonging and reconsider how others see them.

This helps them feel less isolated and find a sense of purpose.

By advocating for something they believe in, an individual can move from a complaint to a reasoned argument for change and widen their understanding of the big picture.

Community Development – a journey for everyone

By sharing their story, an individual can bring others in their community together to be part of a co-produced solution for social change.

When we walk in other people’s shoes, we understand more about the lives of those around us and listen to each other, building trust and connections. We change and develop our attitudes, have vital conversations, and are able to take a more informed stance on issues.

Sharing stories enables communities to advocate for social change, improve their practice and influence policy.