Guest Post – Iona and Cara on Work Experience

Iona and Cara spent the past week with us on a work experience placement where they researched and produced a short drama about depression and mental ill health in young people. Check out their fantastic short film, “Thoughts” above, and see Cara’s guest blog post below!

Our Work Experience – A guest blog post by Cara McLaughlin

Our experience within Media Education was spent creating our own short film, “Thoughts”. We made this short film to address and raise awareness of mental health. It is a large problem worldwide and since we are based in Scotland we researched the services available for young people who have mental health issues within the country. Although, help may be found all over the world wherever you are.

The first day was spent pitching our idea to the members of Media Education, and getting the storyboard drawn out. It didn’t take us long to do so, as we had been planning to make this short movie for a week prior. The structure of the film was decided so we moved on to writing the script. We started the script, but didn’t manage to finish, which brings us to day two and three.

Day two was spent finishing off the scripts for the main drama piece and what we would go on to talk about in the outtakes/making of film. We recorded most of the sound for it, along with researching what depression and mental health issues are like. We also did research for companies to suggest as support for people with said problems. In addition, we began to think of what angles and shots we would record on day three.

On the third day, we went straight to recording the drama piece. It took us roughly three hours, getting all shots and GVs. We used a professional camera, making sure to take enough shots and get the short film looking detailed. We spent a lot of it filming, but also rehearsing the script and the start of editing.

Day four and five were the busiest days, spent editing and recording the making of. Editing was pretty stressful, as we had to always change everything, and we actually left a lot out. We were always changing what we were doing, as the final product looked much better than we had hoped. We also recorded a small interview of ourselves introducing us, and the short film. We also talked about the purpose of the film, and why we wanted to make it. Also offering places for people to go to with mental health problems, this links in to the interview we had with a volunteer from CAPS Advocacy, Niamh Allen. She was a woman who had dealt with, and helped people with eating disorders. She got into the job that she does for the same reason Iona and I made our short film. We wanted to raise awareness for mental health, and the importance of it in school lessons, along with general knowledge. We aspire to break down the barriers of conversation when mental illness is concerned.

That takes us to the end of my and Iona’s journey of work experience. We have come a long way, this beginning as a far fetched dream, and was soon made possible by Media Education. We would highly recommend coming here for work experience, or even the film club they hold every Friday. So many doors have been opened for us, and we have had the best time here. This has been a really amazing opportunity, and we feel it could be for many other people, too.