24 Hour Soundscape of Scotland – Submissions Open!

DOF: Dalry Open Film Poster

Close your eyes and listen to the world around you… We’re looking for young people aged 10-20 from across Scotland to make audio recordings that reflect your lives through sound.

We want you to imagine your world through sound and capture audio that means something to you.

This could be:

– The heavy swish of your Karate sleeve cutting through the air.
– The crackling noise of crisp leaves crunching under your feet on your way to college.
– The booming chatter of a lively debate between you and your friends as you get ready for a night out.
– The original sound of your own poetry, song or music.

Record your piece on a phone or any other gadget and send it to soundscape@dev.mediaeducation.co.uk with your name, age and contact details.

In 2017 we’ll be launching this dynamic 24-hour Soundscape of Scotland on our Radio City online platform and community radio stations.

Stay tuned for more information on the chance to take part in FREE workshops to experiment with podcast, soundscape, music production and spoken word.

Radio City is a partnership between Media Education and Voice For Change involving Graphite North, North Edinburgh Arts, #artcore, Strange Town and the Scottish Poetry Library.

To download a print ready copy of the Soundscape poster, follow this link.